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Update, 3/26/15: Hair colors, unlike fame, are fleeting in the Kardashian household. After a brief stint as a platinum blonde and then even going blonder, Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair back to her usual deep brunette.

Kardashian was photographed by walking out of a ballet lesson in Los Angeles with her daughter, North West, and nephew, Mason Disick, and she looks as if she’s never changed a thing about her looks. Hmm, maybe she took those Draco Malofy comparisons to heart. Or maybe she got sick of the platinum blonde after her ELLE France magazine cover came out?

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Or, maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be temporary in the first place. 

Update, 3/9/14: 

Another day, another fascinating (OK, not really) development in Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair chronicles: she’s dyed her hair again and is no longer platinum blonde, but practically white blonde. People reports Kim got her locks done on Saturday at L’Atelier Blanc in Paris, where she and Kanye are in town for Paris Fashion Week. The reality star also cited an old photo of Madonna’s platinum blonde hair as her inspiration. You hear that, haters? Madonna, not Draco Malfoy. 

Je t’aime mon amour 💕

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) onMar 7, 2015 at 5:06am PST

And a rear view here (no, not the usual rear view we get from Kim): 

Watching Bae perform tonight at The Louis Vuitton Foundation/ Frank Gehry Museum

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) onMar 7, 2015 at 3:21pm PST

Update, 3/6/15, 9 a.m.:

So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish….#muse

A photo posted by Tom Felton (@t22felton) onMar 5, 2015 at 12:10pm PST

Following those Draco Malfoy comparisons from, well, everybody, Tom Felton himself has weighed in on Kim Kardashian’s platinum locks. “So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish …. #muse,” the actor wrote on Instagram underneath a pic of Kim’s head Photoshopped onto a scene from “Harry Potter.” I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess these Draco Malfoy comparisons are not what Kimye had in mind with their big platinum hair debut.  

Original Post, 3/5/15:

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s wedding. We’ve seen her butt. But we haven’t seen her BLEACHED BLONDE PLATINUM HAIR. Yes, Kim now has blonde hair in a huge departure from her trademark glossy brown locks. Via Racked, W magazine’s Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy shared an Instagram of Kim Kardashian’s new dyejob as she preps for Paris Fashion Week

Even more scandalous than the fact that I totally had platinum hair like six months ago is the fact that Kim’s sis Khloé just revealed her own platinum locks just this week. We did our due diligence on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram, and she’s still rocking her natural brunette for now. But sis Kylie did do a #tbt to her blonde hair earlier this week, so perhaps a full-blown Kardashian-Jenner blonde fest is in the cards for “Keeping Up” Season 10?

Of course, a Kardashian doesn’t just go out and buy a bottle of bleach. Kim posted a Facebook shoutout to her whole team, celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli and hair stylists Gregory Russell and Lorri Goddard. What’s the #1 thing Kim can’t resist: a behind-the-scenes look at her life. Check out her getting her hair done below. 

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