Kim Kardashian’s 7 Hottest Makeup Looks

Let’s be real: contouring queen Kim Kardashian is most famous for showing off her naked body (quite a bit actually). But rather than her highly sought-after tush, it’s her stunning smokey eye, flawlessly bronzed skin, and lengthy lashes, that have me captivated. Draw some Kim-spiration from her top makeup looks so you can pull off Kardashian hotness yourself!

1Deep Smokey Eye

Kim isn’t exactly known to be a woman of mystery, but with this smoldering smokey eye, she exuded a sexy, secretive vibe that’s perfect for any night out. Try using highly pigmented dark shadows, focusing the darkest colors on your outer corners to give depth to your creases. Follow Kim’s lead and keep your lips simple when your eyes go smokey and dark.

2Pretty Peachy

A departure from her usual smokey eye, Kim pulled off a lightly bronzed, all-over “peachy” look. This allowed all of her entire gorgeous face to be the focal point rather than a single emphasis.

3Minimal Makeup

Fresh-faced and natural, Kim stepped out in Manhattan with (seemingly) only a touch of gloss and mascara. Although I think this look took a bit more prep than that, her downplayed style still dazzled.

4Dark Liner

Outlining her eyes in dark, black liner, Kim’s gaze is defined and sharp. Focusing on lining the inner corners, the whites of her eyes stand out piercingly against her fluttery lashes, looking gorgeously complimentary on the reality star.

5Bright Red Lip

Did someone say “bomshell”? Fire red lips were the focus of Kim’s look, giving her full, luscious pout a red-hot appeal. When trying your own red lipstick look, make sure to line your mouth with lipliner before filling it in with color; this will make it appear fuller and more definitive.

6Contoured Cheeks

Living up to her reputation as the queen of contouring Kim showed off her cheekbones with perfectly placed bronzer. The deep emphasis slimmed her face and gave her a more defined look — yet it’s subtle enough that your eyes are drawn to her wine-colored lipstick first.

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7Rosy Lips and Long Lashes

Kim’s simple makeup look here featured a “just bitten” rosy lip and flirty lashes. Try falsies or a lengthening mascara like Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit ($15) for a similar style.

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