What it is: Klorane Dry Shampoo With Nettle, $18

What it does: Absorbs excess oil and minimizes scalp oil over time, while adding volume.

Why it works: While there are a bazillion products out there for dry hair, gals with oily hair aren’t given many options other than shampoo, and then they feel the need to wash their hair constantly to get rid of the grease. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, and this new one is specially designed for oily hair. Company tests show that the product absorbs sebum within 25 seconds, thanks to ingredients silica and a corn derivitive that together trap dirt and oil so you can brush through and actually clean the hair. (Klorane would know—the company invented the first dry shampoo in 1972 for hospital patients who couldn’t wash their hair.)

But the real kicker with this dry shampoo is that it has cumulative oil-control results. Nettle, an herbaceaous plant grown in Portugal, has a compound in its roots that regulates the enzyme that produces oil in the scalp. A company study shows 100 percent of subjects with seborrhea (extreme oiliness often caused by a hormonal imbalance) had reduced sebum after three months. To treat this kind of oil overdrive, spray directly on the roots, leave on for two minutes, and then brush through.

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