We’re all riding this emotional roller coaster together: Kanye West is running for President and Kylie Jenner has bangs. Kylie debuted this blunt bang look at the VMAs in what we can only pray is the final of her many hair changes this summer if I ever want to get a moment’s rest. Maybe it’s time to rock bangs again, teens and Kardashian hangers-on across the globe are thinking right now, they’re working for King Kylie. Don’t let yourself fall prey to the siren song of bangs, Kylie-endorsed or not. You’ll be crying in your bathroom over a pair of cutting shears before you can say “Kylie Hair Kouture Hair  by Bellami Hair.”

Even before this blatant attempt to fugify the hair of America’s youth, Kylie had already proven her ability to command an army of teens with the #KylieJennerChallenge. In a misguided attempt to look more like King Kylie and her pouffy lips, thousands of fans stuck their lips to shotglasses and sucked in for a kind of DIY lip injection. Bangs won’t bruise your face, kids, but they may bruise your soul. Here are some questions to ask if you’re considering getting Kylie’s bangs.

1. What’s your face shape? Is it oval, square, or rectangular? If yes – proceed with caution.

2. Are you willing and able to visit your stylist for a professional bang trim two to three weeks? If yes – proceed with caution.

3. Did you want bangs before Kylie had them?
If yes – fine, you can get bangs. If no – proceed with caution.

4. When Kylie wore an orange wig, did you want to wear an orange wig? If yes, no bangs for you. 

5. When Kylie dyed her hair blue, were you overcome with the sudden desire to dye your hair blue? If yes, absolutely no bangs for you.

Eufora Educator and stylist Mirza Batanovic lays it down: “On a very round face these types of bangs would amplify the roundness. People with small foreheads won’t be able to pull this look off as well as those with regular or larger foreheads.” He also wants you to keep in mind that even though it “seems easy” to trim bangs at home, it’s important to head to a salon for proper texturizing and a consistent look and feel. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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