YouTube isn’t just for regular people anymore- in 2019, celebrities are taking over. Kylie Jenner is the newest YouTube “vlogger” and just posted her very own “day in the life” video, consisting of her makeup routine, playing with the adorable Stormi, and attending her many meetings.
This video comes just in time with Kylie’s release of her new skincare life, Kylie Skin. The skincare line has received mixed reviews. One of the biggest complaints we’ve seen about the mogul’s skincare line is its lack of sun protection included in the products. The skincare line consists of a foaming cleanser, makeup remover wipes, walnut scrub, moisturizer, toner, vitamin C serum, and eye cream, but lacks any form of sunscreen. We all know how important it is to put sunscreen on every single day, so for a skincare line to lack sun protection is a significant negative.
However, in Kylie’s newest “vlog” she teased the release of a few Kylie Skin products- including products with SPF. Kylie also teased the idea of a Kylie Skin Summer Truck that will be roaming the LA streets this summer, fully equipped with “soft serve, iced coffee, and pink lemonade” in addition to Kylie Skin products.
Kylie Jenner wouldn’t be who she is without her iconic sister Kendall, and so a Kylie x Kendall collaboration is in our future. In Kylie’s “vlog” we saw Kendall playing with some makeup brushes and contour sticks- perhaps a tease on the future collaboration?
The Kylie Cosmetics anniversary is coming, with the celebration commencing on November 30th, which makes the perfect opportunity for a Kylie Cosmetics anniversary collection.
Kylie Jenner has always been one to surprise, and never disappoint. We’re very excited about the future of Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics. So Kylie, what’s next?