If you’ve been wondering, along with Kylie Jenner’s other 35 million Instagram followers, how to nail the signature Kardashian-Jenner contoured look, perfectly poutable lips, or tousled waves, today is your day. Kylie has officially launched her own beauty website, TheKylieJenner.com.

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Upon entering King Kylie’s domain, you’ll find beauty tutorials, like a video on how to complete Kylie’s 18th Birthday Makeup Look. While the videos read a little like a snippet of KUWTK (complete with commentary from Kylie on the emails she’s sending for her and Kendall’s new fashion line), they do provide easy step-by-step instructions, and give product recommendations throughout. The “Cop My Style” pieces show (with shopping links) how to get her fashion looks for less; she’s even got behind the scenes content from photo shoots.

There’s a catch though: It’s not all free. While you can watch a video here and there, much of the content is marked “exclusive,” meaning you have to sign up for a paid subscription to access Kylie’s beauty school. You can get a free week, but then it’ll cost you $2.99/month, which also includes access to her accompanying app.

While paying for online content might seem so foreign to most, it’ll be interesting to see how many ladies out there are willing to cough up less than a Netflix subscription to glean some lipliner wizardry tips.

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