If you have short, straight, and practically nonexistent lashes, then you have probably looked into lash growth serums from time to time. But you may have come out of your research feeling overwhelmed by the high prices and inconsistent results.

Even those who have naturally lush lashes may want a bit of oomph to their lashes. And with the super popular trend of lash extensions and lash lifts, it can be hard to keep up.

Yes, false lashes are always an option, but they are not for everyone. And yes, there are also thousands of mascaras that claim to give you a false lash look, but they just do not always deliver on that claim.

Whether you can’t afford lash extensions or bother to keep up with the constant maintenance they require, lash growth serums may be a good option to look into, especially if you happen to be on a budget.

Some of these products contain harsh ingredients that can irritate your eyes. In contrast, others are filled with mostly natural and conditioning ingredients, which means using castor oil or coconut oil on your lashes could give you the same result. But if you want to invest in a lash enhancing serum that will provide you with darker, thicker, longer, and even more curled lashes, check these out.

Up first, we have Rapid Lash (Shop here), which is probably one of the most popular lash-enhancing serums on the market. You also may have heard of it because it is on the more affordable side of the spectrum, at only around $30. You can find it at all sorts of stores like Target and Amazon. This is certainly effective at growing your eyelashes both volume and length-wise, but compared to some others on the list, you could be using it for quite a while before seeing any results. The consensus seems to be 6 to 8 weeks before noticing a difference, and it may even darken the appearance of your lashes which is extra nice for someone with blonde lashes. But with that being said, some users said they stopped noticing any difference after a few months.

Revitalash (Shop here) has some of the most positive customer reviews around. This is said to be a unique lash conditioner that protects your eyelashes against breakage, improves their health, flexibility, and strength, and does it all naturally. One of the number one ingredients is Revitalash is biotin. If you are familiar with that, it does have some amazing benefits. That may be one of the reasons customers usually see a noticeable difference in their lashes within as little as two weeks of use. Some people have had some eye redness or soreness due to this product, but as the eye area is so sensitive, always check the ingredients list for anything that doesn’t agree with you. If you have heard of the pricey prescription, Latisse, this is said to perform exactly like that; only you don’t need a doctor to prescribe it. This is definitely the most well-reviewed but also has one of the highest price tags.

The DHC Eyelash Tonic (Shop here) is sort of a diamond in the rough. Many people are familiar with DHC as a cult favorite due to their killer skincare with its Japanese origins, but this product seems to fly under the radar. At only $14, this tonic comes with a handy mascara wand rather than a brush, making it so much easier to apply it nightly and less likely to seep into your eye. It contains mostly natural ingredients and also has some great reviews. Although not everyone saw excellent growth results, they all said they noticed a difference in the health of their lashes. But like most lash-enhancing serums, if you discontinue using it, your lashes will lose what this tonic gave them. So if you are looking for an ongoing product, this could be for you. And at that price, it seems like a good deal.

Here is one you have probably overlooked at the drugstore for ages. At only $8, Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum (Shop here) is said to give both your brows and lashes a fuller and longer appearance. But with the accessibility and low price tag, Rimmel has also ranked pretty low regarding results. There are a few standout testimonials from those who swear by this formula, but for the most part, the results are a bit lackluster.
Another pricey lash growth serum is Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Conditioner (Shop here) at $78. This serum is not only vegan but also cruelty-free, irritation-free, and approved by dermatologists. Plus, it is nearly 100% naturally derived. It is formulated without prostaglandin, silicone, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, PEG, petrochemicals, GMOs, and formaldehyde donors, which can be found in many similar products. The biggest improvement from Lashfood can be seen in 4 to 8 weeks of use. This very well may be the best bet for those with sensitive eyes that are irritated easily because there is little to no complaints about this causing any problems.

The RODAN + FIELDS LASH BOOST (Shop here) is selling for $150. For that price, you could get lash extensions at a salon, but out of all the options of lash growth serums on this list, Rodan + Fields shows the most growth after only four weeks of use. And the before and after shots on their website are by far the most impressive.

With all that being said, there is nothing wrong with applying castor oil or coconut oil to your lashes at bedtime as an alternative. It is the cheapest and easiest option, hands down. Although it may not give you the transformative results you expect from one of the pricier lash serums, it does help keep your lashes hydrated and in good condition.