There are myths galore about what’s best to put on your skin. Whether the goal is to tone, reduce wrinkles, get rid of acne, remove dark spots or decrease the appearance of bags under the eyes, there seems to be a folk remedy for everything. Finding the right skin care ingredients can be tricky, but there are for sure certain items you should never put on your skin. According to top dermatologists, you should never put the following on your skin:

Toothpaste: You may have heard you should use toothpaste for acne. Well, apparently that’s not true. It’s very irritating and makes the problem a lot worst by leaving blemishes.

Lemon Juice: Do you use citrus or other lemons on your skin? They contain a photosensitizing chemical that causes a reaction when exposed to the sun. This can cause a burn like reaction to the skin.

Rubbing Alcohol: Some men use rubbing alcohol after shaving. This will not remove excess oil. In fact, it can strip the skin of natural oils.

Avoid Glycolic Acid if Prone to Redness: If your skin scars easily, avoid products that contain glycolic acid. This exfoliating acid can cause unwanted burning, making the redness and peeling worst.

Avoid Added Fragrances: If you have sensitive skin, don’t go with products with added fragrances. They can cause irritation as well. Look for products that are paraben-free.

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