Welcome to Live Like, a new column where we draw lifestyle inspiration from our only role models, fictional characters we see on television. We promise never to attempt Blake Lively’s hair from “Gossip Girl” at home. Everyone else is fair game.

I love the idea of getting revenge, it doesn’t matter on who. ABC’s “Revenge” is a blend of everything America stands for. They took some already enticing topics (money, violence) and set them in the Hamptions (money, summer). Our girl Emily Thorne is an internationally trained ninja with a score to settle who still makes time to throw a damn good boat party. She’s always ready with a floor-length gown and a subtle dig about loyalty. Her Hamptons house is sick. She plotted to murder her mother-in-law on the family yacht. But she can stil throw on a hoodie and help her best friend hack a mainframe. Most of my conversations with my mother in 2014 were about “Revenge.” Let’s learn what we can from our scary and scarily well-dressed hero, Emily Thorne:

Emily’s “Yes, I Was On The Beach” Hamptons Waves

Celebrity hairstylist Lori Rozman, the woman behind all the hair looks on “Revenge”, shared her process:

  1. After shampooing and lightly conditioning the ends, scrunch in White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold Styling Spray. This gives the hair just the right amount of texture, hold and soft movement with thermal protection.
  2. To create added volume while blow drying, blow dry with a medium round brush.
  3. To get that “natural beach curl”, use a 1 1/2″ curling iron. Rozman recommends curling uneven shaped partings and sections. Wrap the sections around the inside of the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Allow curls to cool before spraying with your favorite hairpray.
  4. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen for a natural look.
Emily’s “I Will Be Killing You Now” Mind & Body 

Designed for both fitness and self-defense, the perfect Emily Thorne-themed workout is Krav Maga. Picture the family who framed your father for acts of domestic terrorism while completing 15 reps of each of the following:

  • Sumo Squats: Squat with your elbows bent. Move from a squat to standing position, alternating touching your knee to your elbow.
  • Strike Down: Squat with your chest parallel to the ground and feet shoulder-width apart. Alternate right and left punches toward the ground.
  • Front Ground Kick: Laying on a mat, put one knee on the ground and kick straight out with the other. Extend fully, lifting your hips off the ground. Switching sides after 15 kicks.

It’s boat party season, ladies.

Emily’s “I’m Tortured Yet Perfect” ‘tude

Here are some facts I believe to be true about Emily Thorne. They also stand for her real identity, Amanda Clark:

  • She doesn’t watch TV.
  • She has never heard of “leaning in.” If she did, she wouldn’t like it.
  • If she had time, she would do an Ironman. (She just doesn’t have time!)
  • Family over everything.
  • PC user :/
  • She’s pescatarian.
  • She can count cards.
ABCCould you look at your former mother-in-law like that?
Emily Thorne

Best of luck to us all in the search for revenge and “Revenge”. The show is on Sunday nights at 10pm EST on ABC. Watch it and then call your mom.

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