It must be Christmas in August, because MAC is launching a new lipgloss collection! The brand is known for its cult-like following, so it’s no surprise that the beauty world is giddy over the release of the cleverly named Vamplify line. Most discerning lipgloss fans are picky about what they buy, because the stuff can be annoying as hell when a gloss’s formula isn’t up to par. Nobody wants to spend their day tending to sticky, goopy lips, and most of us who were adolescents in the early 2000s learned that the hard way.

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If we know anything about MAC’s dependability, its new gloss, which is limited-edition, will be a beacon of hope in the bleak wasteland of lip goop that’s currently on the market. We’re told to expect lots of pigment and minimal stickiness among the gloss’s range of seventeen different shades. Vamplify releases online tomorrow (!) and is available in-store from just September 3 to October 15. Prepare yourselves!

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