Is there any song more aligned with style, beauty and Hollywood’s golden age than Madonna’s “Vogue”? Released in 1990, it perfectly married the dance-hall scene with iconic imagery from a half-century earlier.Part of what made “Vogue” so memorable are the equally memorable celebrities whose names Madonna recites in the bridge of the song. Lauren Bacall was the last remaining star mentioned in “Vogue” until her death yesterday—an emotional blow not only to those in her generation, but to a younger generation who was introduced to the incredible style of ‘40s and ‘50s Hollywood through that song.Although many of the hair and makeup styles worn by the ladies listed in “Vogue” would read almost costume-y if tried today—Marlene Dietrich’s super-thin, super-high brows and Jean Harlow’s finger-waved bob, for example—Bacall’s signature look was nothing short of timeless.As a tribute to Bacall (and be sure to read about the history of her iconic eyebrows here!) and all of the shooting stars before her, let’s remember them as “Vogue” did:


And now you just have to watch Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ video, right? We certainly did. Watch it below.