With all the new makeup brands launching, it is easy to forget about your first loves. Those really decent brands had your back through high school, your first breakup, and your first crazy night out.

These brands are still around, and they deserve just as much praise as companies like ELF or MILK Makeup.

You might think of these brands as old-fashioned, but it doesn’t mean the products are no good. Someone is still buying from them and probably loving life.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the makeup brands you may have forgotten about.

Lip Smackers

Okay, so this may not be a full-on makeup brand, but those tinted balms sure did get your dry crusty lips through a lot of winters waiting at the bus stop. You may have even been wearing one of these babies during your first kiss.

All the colors and flavors are sure to give you flashbacks to a cringier yet carefree time. But, they are actually super helpful, and the mere scent will relax you in stressful moments.


Essence has always been one of the most affordable brands at the drugstore, which is probably why you gravitated towards it in middle school. But, those low prices don’t do the products justice.

Everything from highlighters to mascaras are still fantastic quality and under $5.
Plus, Essence isn’t just a brightly colored brand. It is also cruelty-free and has vegan options. So, your favorite childhood makeup brand is keeping up with the times.

NYX was once that drugstore makeup brand that had this massive wall of black-packaged cosmetics. You didn’t even know where to begin looking. It had more single eye shadows than you could count, and its jumbo eye pencil in milk made the ideal base for your unblended look.

But, NYX has come a long way since then. The range has actually downsized to focus on quality over quantity, and it worked.

L.A. Girl

Do you remember L.A. Girl? This is the brand sold at the dollar store. You may have even hesitated using the products, but for the price, when you needed a red lip, you needed it.

Although still wildly affordable, L.A. Girl has become cruelty-free and trendy. With a full range of every type of makeup, you’d be surprised by the quality. Things have changed a lot since you were a tween. Eye shadow palettes, brow pencils, and even lip stains are some of its bestsellers.

So, will you be rediscovering some of your once-loved beauty brands? Or will you keep those brands and products in the past, where they belong?