In my last column, I dished on my favorite products for complexion perfection. Now that you have a flawless canvas, it’s time to play up those eyes of yours. Here are my favorite, go-to eye makeup products.

3 Makeup Kit Must-Haves: Enchanting Eyes

1. Mascara

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on mascara. Find one that lasts long enough and that won’t smudge, but isn’t infuriating to remove at the end of the day. I always recommend choosing the blackest color you can find, regardless of your skin, eye or hair color.

My favorite: L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara in Black, $7

This mascara’s brush is not too skinny and not too fat, the color is a true, deep, dark black and the formula makes your natural lashes look thicker. If you’re using a brand new tube, remove the wand and let it dry for two to three minutes before inserting it back in the tube and applying. I find this helps the consistency to be less watery and thickens lashes a bit more.

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2. Eyeliner

A smooth, long-wearing eyeliner that comes in a range of colors is a necessity when pumping up lashlines (before or after you apply mascara—your choice!).

My favorite: Cover Girl Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner, $7

This liner glides so easily over lashlines and even the inner rims; once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you survived with your eyes intact after all those years of using pokey, scratchy, dried-up tips. I like to line the lower inner rims of lashlines, then squeeze my lids together tightly to press the mark into upper lashes. If you haven’t gotten enough color transfer, wiggle the liner tip between your upper lash roots and squeeze again.

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3. Eye Primer

Chances are, you are attached to your favorite eyeshadow product so I won’t try to convince you otherwise. However, a longwear eye primer will quickly become your new BFF. I use this on my television clients to prevent creasing and smudging for long, eight-hour days. Choose one that dries either colorless or is skin-toned. 

My Favorite: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, $26

This primer is the perfect in-between-cream-and-powder consistency. It dries quickly and provides a perfectly smooth base for your favorite shadow to layer on top of, whether your fave is cream or powder. Use a wide, flat eyeshadow brush to apply a small blob of the product from your lash lines to your brow bones. Make sure the primer looks virtually invisible—you can tap excess edges away with your fingertips.

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