Your rounded square face shape provides a naturally balanced canvas for makeup. With a square jawline and temples that gently round at the corners of the face, you can rock chiseled definition without sacrificing the softness of your curves. “It’s like you have it all,” says New York makeup artist Nicole Bryl.QUIZ: What’s Your Face Shape?Face:It’s all about the cheekbones, baby—and with your square face frame, it’s easy to make that bone structure pop. Create a sense of depth by blending a matte contour powder one to two shades deeper than your natural tone along the strip of skin that runs parallel below your cheekbone. You may even want to look for a face powder, instead of one marketed specifically as a bronzer, as face powders often don’t risk looking as unnatural as some shimmer-infused and bronzers may. Finish by blending your favorite pink or peach blush on the apples of cheeks and outwards.Eyes:A classic winged cat’s eye works with the natural angles of your face, and balances out the roundness of edges—plus, it’s just sexy. Using black liquid liner, draw a thin line along the top lash line, thickening as you work outwards with multiple tiny strokes. To wing the liner, go to the outer corner of your line, extend out, and work your way back towards the eye to thicken. “It’s helpful to look down into the mirror, you can see and work the top lash line more easily,” says Bryl. Remember, practice makes perfect—it may take you a few tries to perfect the technique.Lips:Rounded square face shapes can rock red lips beautifully, thanks to a strong jawline that balances out bold color. First, line and fill in with either a nude or matching red pencil to set down a long-lasting foundation for your lip color, and then apply the shade with a lip brush for the most precise pout. Add a dollop of clear lip balm or gloss on the center of lips for moisture. If your eyes are strong, try a sheer popsicle red look instead of a cream lipstick.Brows:Groomed and gently arched brows are enhanced by your natural bone structure, but also add contrast to the rounded edges of your forehead. The key is to make sure your arch falls just to the right of your pupil, or else too-round eyebrows will be accentuated by your round forehead, causing that dreaded ‘surprised’ look. Brush brows upwards with clear mascara or brow gel for lift, and fill in if necessary with a soft powder one shade lighter than your natural hair color, instructs Bryl.MORE: Haircuts for Round Face Shapes