Mermaid hair is the latest craze in hair styles right now. You’ve probably seen people wear it. It’s the beautiful mystical blue, pink and purple colors worn on flowing locks. If you want to achieve this look, it’s important to go with the right dye. As of now there are limited trusted brands that can deliver this look. One in particular is the Pulp Riot semi-permanent hair dye by Pulp Riot. While it’s not recommended that you try to do this yourself, here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Purple and Aquamarine: These are two very popular tones and probably the combination you think of immediately when you think of the mermaid. They give a full underwater effect.
  • Rainbow Tones: Embrace the rainbow with multiple colors including pink, blue, green and yellow. These dramatic hues give off a beachy wave vibe.
  • Go Green: You can totally go for one tone with the solid green look from root to tip.
  • Blue with Purple Ends: If you want a more adventurous look, opt for blue hair with purple ends. The rich aqua tone transforms to an entirely out of world look.
  • Pastels All Over: You don’t have to go for the rich and deep tones. You can totally go with the pastel colors. Inspired by seashells, this look combines many different colors that work well together.
  • Red: We can channel Ariel all the way with a wine color with purple base.

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