Miley Cyrus’ 10 Best Hair Looks

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to dramatic hair makeovers. She’s also been known to make serious waves with her outré looks and at-times risqué performances that are quite contrary to her innocent Hannah Montana days.

One thing is for sure: Miley is not afraid to go there with her looks. Here are some of her best hair evolutions from her early teen superstar days:

1Blonde Bangs

Wow, remember these days? Here’s Miley posing as her alter ego, Hannah Montana, for a press photoshoot in 2007. The TV persona rocked pin-straight, blonde hair and choppy bangs.

2Long Texan Waves

Whoa, extensions anyone? Here’s Miley with big brunette waves that over took her complete look. The caramelized locks were definitely larger than life on the star.

3Smooth Layers

Miley opted for a sleek, straight style that beautifully framed her features while promoting her new clothing line at Walmart in 2010

4Tight Ponytail

Miley opted for a chic, super long, tightly pulled pony that showed off her killer cheekbones.  For a more unique look, she kept her lengthily pony ombré, allowing her blonde ends to contrast her dark roots.

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5Retro Waves

Channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe, Miley chose chin-length retro waves for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2012.

6Ombré Curls

Softening her look with ombré curls reaching only to her shoulders, Miley kept her simple style pretty and relaxed.

7Faux Hawk

Miley made a huge hair chop and owned it. Keeping her look punk yet feminine, Miley spiked her platinum hair into a spunky faux-hawk. Her minimal makeup kept the style from looking too harsh.

8Mini Buns

Miley chose a hairstyle throwback (Gwen Stefani look-alike anyone?) with these mini horn-like buns at the MTV VMA Awards in 2013 … and accessorized by sticking her tongue out.

9Platinum Pixi

This rocker chic look dominated during her Bangerz tour. Low-maintenance and cool, this look boldy contrasted her all-American teen persona she previously had.

10The Undercut

Jumping on the undershave trend, Miley joined Rihanna, Pink, and other daring celebs in this half-shaved look.