Your mom can give you beauty secrets and you may listen. Your girlfriends can give you their beauty secrets and you may follow them. But, when beauty queens give you their secrets, you’ve just got to listen. With the recent airing of the 2017 Miss USA pageant, there are plenty of tips floating around. From hair volume and eyelashes to highlighter on the hip bones, here are top beauty tricks and secrets revealed by 2017’s Miss USA’s contestants.

1 – Use butt glue so your swimsuit doesn’t ride up. Yes, butt glue! You can also use it on a dress you want to stay in place and show the perfect amount of cleavage.

2 – Miss Louisiana swears by her Beautyblender for perfect complexion.

3 – If you want to go with less makeup, then use eye extensions. According to Miss Kansas, you don’t have to worry about wearing false eye lashes when you have these in.

4 – Do you ever struggle with tired eyes? Miss Rhode Island recommends putting ice cubes under her eyes when she wakes up to help her look bright-eyed.

5 – For hair volume, create pin curls. This advice comes courtesy of Miss Wisconsin who says she creates the curl with a curling iron and then wraps it to keep the pin curl shape. Leave it for a couple of hours to create a ton of volume.

6 – Do you use a wet cloth to remove makeup? According to Miss Alabama, you can achieve softer skin if you use baby wipes, instead. Be sure to follow up with a moisturizer.

7 – Miss Georgia’s secret to a beautiful brow is to embrace their natural shape, but enhance them with a fine-tipped pencil.

8. Want to add more definition to your figure? Miss Missouri says she uses a light shimmery highlighter on her collarbones and hipbones to make them pop.

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