Holiday makeup usually consists of essential looks like red lips, winged eyeliner, and silver or gold glitter. While these looks will always remain classic and timeless, sometimes it can be refreshing to test your creativity.

Most people may fear editorial makeup is unwearable, but these techniques can be adapted and adjustable to your liking. Are you looking for holiday makeup that beats the typical red lip?
Holiday Makeup Inspiration
Rose Gold
Need more certainty about your next makeup look for a holiday party? Try experimenting with a Rose Gold color palette! Rose Gold looks stunning on all skin tones and adds some holiday flare without an overpowering festive motif.

For example, add a pink wash to the eyelids and top it off with shimmery champagne for extra texture. Also, you can make this rose gold look as natural or intense as you’d like.

Another helpful tip is to pair this rose gold eye look with a nude lip and peachy blush for a cohesive and natural finish. You can also swap out a nude lip color for something bold for those looking to make a statement.
Glossy & Wet
You can instantly elevate a simple makeup look with some texture. Adding a gloss to your eye and lips can create an expensive and chic finish. Most makeup brands formulate versatile glosses that wear comfortably on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Another option would be to use vaseline or a balm-like product to highlight your facial features for that wet, glass-skin effect. This technique is also beginner-friendly because you don’t need a precise application or focus so much on blending.

You may pair this wet and natural makeup look with shiny hair. For example, hair gel or oil can create a glossy sheen for your strands. This low effort looks simple and elevates any makeup for the holidays.
Holographic Details
Are you looking for a futuristic way to ring in the new year? One of the simplest ways to create a holiday makeup look is by ditching the glitter and using holographic or duo chrome products. Holographic powders add interest and texture without dragging down the skin.

Another benefit of using holographic makeup is that most brands make these products multi-use. So, the same powder you dust onto the eyes can also be applied to the cheeks for an alien-like effect without overpowering your skin.

You can mix the holographic powder into a gloss for extra texture and dimension. Duo chrome and holographic powders have multiple reflects, so your makeup can change colors depending on how the light hits it.
Dark Pout
Tap into your dark side this holiday season with a ghastly lip color. Black, gray, forest green, and navy lipsticks are rising trends in the editorial world that can be worn for any holiday event. Also, you can play up the eyes or keep the lips the main focal point.

Lip color can be easily customizable when it comes to finish and texture. For example, keep the lips matte and velvet or add a gloss for extra sheen. Another tip includes using a holographic powder to achieve a chrome effect.