Being too matchy-matchy might be regarded as a fashion faux pas, but when it comes to makeup, keeping the colors consistent across your face creates a subtly stunning look. A matching lip and cheek combination, or a monochromatic face, is a makeup artist favorite that can be flattering on everyone and is super simple to create—especially with the plethora of new products out there made specifically to craft this flattering look.“Monochromatic makeup can be very pretty—it creates a soft, harmonious face that really lets ‘you’ shine through,” says Romy Soleimani, Beauty Director at Large. It can also cut your prep time in half, since you can use one product multiple places, regardless of its primary function.This look is also flexible and easy to personalize. “It can be strong, or it doesn’t have to be. It can be in color, or it can be done in neutral,” says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk. Pinks, corals, nudes, and even bronze, all work as color schemes. You can also play up seasonal color trends with this type of look, Kashuk says. For instance, try a coral lipstick paired with coral blush for spring/summer, and sweep the blush lightly over your eyelids for a matching wash of color.

Monochromatic makeup

Keep the rest of your makeup super subtle and fresh, or forego it altogether, says Soleimani. Curl your lashes and swipe on mascara to make eyes pop. If you don’t want to include your eyeshadow as part of the monochromatic look, stick with a taupe shade, or a color that is slightly darker than your skintone.Stay away from black eyeliner, as it can be a little jarring when the rest of the face is so soft. Choose a color that is in the same tonal family as the rest of your makeup—for example, if you’re going with a pink monochromatic face, try a Bordeaux liner, since it’s in the same color family, Kashuk advises. Nothing should all of a sudden stand out dramatically in this look.The key to perfecting this trend is to play around with different colors of the same tone instead of focusing on a perfect match. “It’s just really about adaptability with your skintone and your coloring so you’re finding and striking the right balance of color,” says Kashuk. For example, try a softer, muted version of your chosen color on the eyes and pick a shimmery finish to make them stand out a bit.Experiment. Use products in new ways. Play with finishes. Go crazy and even match your nails, Kashuk suggests. “It’s makeup for God sakes; it should be a bit playful.”