No matter how good a hair day you’re having or how flawless your outfit is, nothing can ruin your look or your mood faster than the appearance of dandruff. The itchy scalp, the cascade of white flakes on your shoulders, the constant worry that people slightly taller than you will be able to see the buildup in your part — everything about dandruff is unpleasant and stressful.

There are tons of anti-dandruff products on the market. Some of them work great; some of them don’t work at all; some of them work for awhile and then stop working. As someone who has struggled with dandruff since junior high (oh lucky me!), I’ve tried pretty much everything. When I switched over to using more natural, DIY remedies, I was pleasantly surprised to find they had even better results than drugstore and even expensive prescription treatments!

Here are four of the best natural dandruff cures — and since dandruff is caused by a variety of different factors, it might be worth it to try all of them and see which works best for you.