Knowing that scent is the sense most heavily tied to memory, it’s really no surprise that one whiff of fresh air can transport us back to long lost days spent on a mountainside hike, walking through the woods, or lounging on a sandy shore.

As a city dweller, nothing blisses me out faster than a natural scent that can help me pretend I have a lush backyard full of pine trees instead of what my apartment actually has, which is a view of my first-floor neighbors’ lovely green yard that I can only stare at longingly without touching. Nature is therapeutic, so while triggering your memory of the woods isn’t as good as actually being in the woods, it sure doesn’t hurt.

If you’re looking to be whisked away to the great outdoors, look no further than these nature-inspired fragrances.

1“Rain” by Demeter, $2.50-$25

Demeter Rain

This refreshing scent reminds you of the soar in your heart when you first step outside after a good long spring rain. //Demeter Fragrance

2Pirette Fragrance Oil, $48


This blend of coconut, surf wax, and sunscreen will transport you to an afternoon on the beach. //Pirette

3Juniper Ridge Backpacker Cologne, $35

Backpacker Cologne
Juniper Ridge

This delightful sampler offers the scents of the desert, the coast and the mountains—anytime, anywhere. //Juniper Ridge

4“Juniper Fire” by Osmia Organics, $150

Osmia Organics Juniper Fire
Osmia Organics

This all-natural perfume with vanilla, sandalwood, juniper and cedar is inspired by crisp Colorado air. //Osmia Organics

5“Orange Sanguine” by Atelier Cologne, $25-$180

Orange Sanguine Atelier Cologne
Atelier Cologne

When you dab on this cologne, you’ll picture an afternoon in an orange grove as the sun shines bright above you. //Atelier

6“Thunderstorm” by Demeter, $2.50-$25

Demeter Thunderstorm

I love this scent so much that I keep it on my nightstand for moments when I’m missing the feeling of a great big summer storm. It’s delightfully dreamy. //Demeter

7“Wood Sage & Sea Salt,” Jo Malone, $65

Wood Sage and Sea Salt
Jo Malone

Who knew sage and sea salt were practically soulmates? This cologne will send you straight to the seashore. //Jo Malone

8“Forest Walk” by Sonoma, $3.50-$105

Sonoma Scent Studio
Sonoma Scent Studio

Smells just like what it sounds like! Nature’s paradise in a bottle. //Sonoma Scent Studio

9“She Wood” by Dsquared2, $42

She Wood

“FernGully” in perfume form. //Dsquared2

10“Marine Sel No.54” by Tokyo Milk, $30

Marine Sel No.54
Tokyo Milk

This lovely scent combines mineral salt, fresh water, white wood, and more for a beachy escape. //Tokyo Milk