Where do retailers go to find the next big things in beauty, from the far corners of the globe? Straight to Sin City. Each July, the beauty world converges in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof, the largest beauty trade show in the United States. We’re scouring the aisles for trends. Here are our finds! We spotted all sorts of fun tools and formulas in the world of haircare. And while many were just a new version of an old idea, there were a few that stood out for their sheer innovation.  From straightening to drying to “faking” hair, these ideas below had us wondering why no one had thought of them before.QUIZ: How Healthy is Your Hair? VexPro: High Tech Hair DryerThis is the coolest hair dryer we’ve seen in a while. Decked out in metallic orange, VexPro was designed by hairstylist Jeffrey Hall to reduce wrist, shoulder and neck pain due to gun-type hair dryers. Besides relieving stress on the wrist and shoulder, it contains a “smart mode” sensor (meaning it turns on and off when picked up and put down) and features a free-standing design—so you can flip your hair over and blow dry hands-free. And the nifty finisher attachments perfectly bend around a styling brush, to deliver the ultimate control and volume.Supreme HairCollagen-Based Hair ExtensionsWe’ve all heard about collagen for the lips, but for the hair? Supreme Hair’s new Prota Hair line is made with a natural collagen protein, which is very similar to the protein found in human hair. This means you can treat it exactly how you would your normal strands—blow dry, brush and style away. Supreme feels that Prota is a more affordable and consistent alternative to human hair wigs, and that in some ways it’s even better: It’s hypoallergenic and tangles less.Olez Inception: Straightening SystemOlez is the first haircare line to use apple stem cell technology to achieve straight hair. Their four-product line leaves hair “naturally straight,” instead of looking processed or damaged. Studies performed at the Kosmo Science Laboratories proved that this technology lasts beyond six months, by slowing down the deterioration of hair follicles. So what are apple stem cells? They come from a Swiss apple, called the Uttwiler Spätlauber (pronounce that), and are packed with tons of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and proteins. It only makes sense that these strengthening and anti-aging properties would work their magic on strands.