Do you have trouble finding physical flaws with yourself? Panasonic has the gadget for you: a new mirror that pinpoints flaws over time. As VICE noted, the mirror will note wrinkles and pores, recommend beauty treatments to alter your hideous imperfections, then presumably an arm will come out and slap you across the face.This mirror sounds like a win-win situation for everybody who is trying to sell something: You will buy said products, and your new frenemy the mirror will let you know whether or not the product has adequately covered your flaws. [Spoiler alert: They’ll work, but just enough that you still need to buy more.] You will also be able to test out hair and makeup styles on your disembodied reflection.“This is not a gimmick, it’s a serious technology solution,” said Julie Baur, president of Panasonic’s consumer electronics for North America at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show. The mirror agreed.As this mirror is only a prototype, you still have time to handle your flaws with surgery, as God intended.

Video courtesy of CNET: