It’s 2015 and your ombre hair is grown out and chopped off, maybe it’s even colombre by now. So where do we go from here? Those genius beauty brands have an answer for us: makeup. New makeup palettes are designed specifically for ombre, so you can get the latest lip, shadow, or lash look without having to spend all day with your Pantone color wheel. Trying out a new trend can be equal parts fun and intimidating, but the most important part is wearing it with confidence. You certainly don’t need a step-by-step product to do that, but for the customer who Googles/Instagrams extensively before trying out a new look (me!) these are designed to hold your hand. Now go forth and be edgy.

1BECCA Ombre Nudes Eye Palette

becca ombre

These natural shades would make up some of the most useful in your arsenal on their own, but wear them together for an on-trend ombre that’s subtle enough for work.  onus: Use the lighter shades to highlight your eyes, cheeks and nose, and the darker shades do double-duty to fill in your brows. // BECCA, $40

2Topshop Lip Ombre


We’ve been rocking these easy ombre lips all season – a highly-pigmented look that takes all the guesswork out of shade-matching. These Topshop palettes come in four ready-set-lip colors that work together or separately. // Topshop, $9

3Bésame Cosmetics Masterliner Pencil

besame masterliner ombre

A true ombre lip doesn’t stop at your lip shade. Line your lips with a darker, complementary tone to add fullness and create the light-to-dark illusion. We bet these neutral red and berry tones from Bésame will compliment your favorite Friday night red.  // Bésame, $22

4Lancôme Auda[city] in Paris

lancome audacity

For the beauty lover who craves a few more options, the ombre choices abound in Lancôme’s latest eyeshadow palette. Remember to stick within the same color family and choose at least two tones, but the golden rule of experimental beauty is “there are no rules”. // Lancôme, $68

5Colour Prevails Lash Ombre

color prevails lash ombre
Color Prevails

Colored mascara is the simplest way to make a bold color statement, especially if you’re new to the “hey look at me” genre of beauty. Nonie Creme recommends coating your eyelashes with the colored shade (pictured here in plum) then adding black to your lash tips for a subtle ombre. 

6Chanel Les 4 Ombres

chanel ombre quad

This multi-effect eyeshadow quad comes in thirteen shades, all with carefully selected colors so you can build your own ombre effect in everything from gunmetal grey and rosy pinks to our favorite icy shades pictured above. // Chanel, $61

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