What it is: Perricone MD No Makeup Skincare, $30 to $55What it does: The dermatologist known for his potent anti-aging skincare line and salmon-based antioxidant diet brings the concept of glowing skin to makeup, and by that, we don’t mean layers upon layers to achieve a “nude” look, but formulas that actually allow skin to breathe completely through.“As a little girl, you probably watched Mommy doing her makeup, and wanted to be grown-up like her, but she was actually trying to look like you!” says Nicholas Perricone, M.D., referring to the natural radiance and smoothness of young skin. “The problem is that makeup often has the opposite effect of making you look older since it masks skin, and often exacerbates wrinkles and rough texture,” he adds.Why it works: Instead of liquid, the foundation is a serum that delivers nutrients and imparts a suede finish to diffuse imperfections, while the concealer reflects dark circles and discoloration with such levity that only one universal shade is offered. Blush and bronzer also come in weightless suspension serums to add a hint of color that enhances your own undertone. Lipstick turns from solid to serum when applied, and is designed to mimic the flush of the vermillion zone inside the lips and adapts to individual skin chemistry.There is even an anti-aging mascara tint in a shade somewhere between black, brown and burgundy. “Black is actually too harsh, and looks obvious on everyone,” says Dr. Perricone, and each stroke delivers conditioning neuropeptides to boost growth over time. All of the products save for the mascara contain mineral-based sunscreens of at least SPF 30.Why you care: The bottom line is that looking au naturel while rocking a hint of flush is the scientifically proven way to look younger. “As we age, skin loses its inner radiance and takes on a grey façade, which is caused by a decrease in melanocytes activity as well as a decrease in blood flow,” explains Perricone. By bringing believable-looking color back to the face and embracing skin-boosting lifestyle habits like more sleep and plentiful water, you can inject radiance back into your face sans needles.