It seems like summer makes skin glow naturally. It might be the sun reflecting or the sweaty sheen on those hot days. Or it might be the fact that everyone’s happy and eating more fruit! Whatever the case, the temperatures naturally aid moisturized, radiant skin with minimal effort. As we enter the colder, drier season, we need a bit more help in the area.

Cold weather means lower humidity in the air, leading to drier, flakier skin. It’s a job not only for a thicker moisturizer but also for exfoliating products to increase cell turnover. We tested a plethora of exfoliating products and left the following in our beauty drawers for the months ahead.

I was pleasantly surprised that one small pod of this sensitive-skin friendly exfoliating mask lasted me three uses! Not only is the formula 93% natural, but it also contains no microbeads or other environmental pollutants, making it the perfect clean gift. The mask packs a double whammy. First, you scrub over your face with the gentle physical exfoliants in the formula. Then, you let the formula itself sit on your face for 10 minutes while the chemical components break down the oil clogging your pores. The result is bright, glowing skin and smoother makeup application the next day.

AHA/BHAs pack this daily body exfoliating treatment meant to reveal a glowy skin. The gentle scrub doesn’t skin looking red and raw, unlike other exfoliators might. Because the formula also contains salicylic acid, you can tackle those butt and back pimples before summer hits. While it’s meant to be used with the Crepe Erase Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment, I use it with my regular moisturizer. As someone who’s picky about shower product scents, the unscented formula is also pleasantly welcome.

Glycolic acid is a wonder ingredient not only for glowing skin but also for clearing acne, blackheads, and improving skin texture. If you love beauty and makeup, you’ve probably seen the Pixi Glow Tonic on social media. The base for the product is 5% glycolic acid. The formula from the ordinary is the slightly higher concentration at less than half the price. It’s an absolute must in any beauty editor’s medicine cabinet and should be in yours.

I first discovered exfoliating and cleansing powders on my trip to Japan. I fell in love with the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, an enzyme powder cleanser that became my travel staple. Unfortunately, getting the product stateside is expensive. You can get a package for about $20, which comes with roughly 0.45 oz of product. Luckily, Amarte’s daily exfoliating powder comes at a much budget-friendlier price point for its size. This superfine powder feels amazingly smooth in addition to smelling divine! It’s not as harsh as a physical granular scrub and leaves the face hydrated. Fill a small container when you travel for the most effortless exfoliating cleanser that won’t get you in trouble at the airport.

This natural, gel exfoliator is a best-seller in Japan for a reason. I make sure to stock up on several bottles whenever I find myself in that part of the world. It’s also the only product I specifically request others get for me whenever anyone offers to buy me something during their Japanese vacation! Just apply a pump or two to your fingers and start rubbing your face. Watch in wonder as the gel turns into rolled dead skin cells trapped in hydrogen-infused water. It’s incredibly gentle while making your face feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The aloe leaf and Gingko Biloba extracts kill bacteria and moisturize in the process.

Clean beauty lovers rejoice! The name literally derives from Mother Nature, so the ingredients closely match those found in the natural world. In addition, the brand is global, meaning it adheres to the EU clean ingredient requirements. The scrub smells divine, delivers natural and gentle exfoliation with cranberry seeds and fruit acids, and looks pretty enough to feature in your Instagram feed. This scrub doubles as a mask, so scrub it on, leave it for a few minutes, and walk away with super soft skin. You’re going to wonder what you ever did without this product! This is a beauty editor fave for the holiday season.