Beauty isn’t just about makeup and looking nice when you go out or take a selfie. Beauty is a part of your self-care routine. That means you want to enjoy it.

You are giving yourself some “me time.” Beauty experiences aren’t always about the end results but enjoying the journey. The sensations like the aroma of a product or its feel are just as important as the ingredients when it comes to self-care.

Sure, having a great and effective product to treat dryness or prevent wrinkles is wonderful, but actually enjoying the experience of applying a moisturizer or face mask can truly relax you.

You normally might get this luxurious spa-like treatment at an actual spa, but with the pandemic, at-home equals safer. If you want to relax at home in your sweats with some wine and ice cream while plumping up your skin, read on.

Dry brushing
Okay, this may not sound all that lovely, but give it a chance. You can find an affordable dry brush on Amazon, and once you add this technique into your routine, you’ll fall in love.
Not only is dry brushing a relaxing experience, but it exfoliates your entire body. It increases blood flow and strengthens the skin. It can even help diminish cellulite, increase elasticity, and tone the skin.
You want to start brushing with your feet and work your way up to the heart before showering.

Hopefully, we’re all bathing regularly, but instead of just getting clean, focus on the feeling. You can take a bath with a lovely bath bomb, some candles, and a face mask, but not everyone likes soaking in their own filth.
For those who prefer a shower, take your time instead of rushing. Really massage your scalp when shampooing. Enjoy the sensation of the warm water on your skin. Use more luxurious products like a thick and creamy body wash and a loofah or exfoliator.
You don’t need to go above and beyond to enjoy your routine. Just take it slower.

Foot soak
Your feet can get pretty nasty when it’s been a while since your last pedicure. However, you don’t need a fancy foot bath to get all those benefits. Pour some Epsom salts into warm water and let it do its thing. Sit back and watch some TV, scroll through Instagram, or even read a book. By the time you’re done, your feet will be baby soft, or at least easier to rub the calluses and dryness out of. Use a pumice stone or grater to buff all that stuff away, and then massage your feet with a deep conditioning lotion. If you have a generous partner maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have them give you a foot massage.

Gentle facial
A facial does not have to be as in-depth as at a salon. You can get some beautiful benefits while chilling out in your bathroom. Start by filling your sink or a bowl with hot water. Lay your face over it and let the steam soften your skin. This will loosen your pores and help products absorb better. You can also use a steamer if you have one.
Then go in with an oil like jojoba or black seed. Apply this generously on the face and neck, and then go in with a gua sha stone or jade roller. This works as a type of facial massage. You don’t need to use an intense mask or tools to get rid of clogged pores. Using gentle upwards motions will plump the skin, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and add a lot of glow.