Long, luscious eyelashes are the Holy Grail for a flirty, seductive gaze. But if you were born with stubby lashes like myself, feathery lashes are a dream for the red carpe (or the genetically blessed). Long lashes don’t come naturally for most, so the phrase “fake it ‘till you make it” really does come in handy. After experimenting with lash extensions (glue is way too hard to maneuver on/around my eyes), volumizing mascara, and tons of torture devices known as eyelash curlers (goodbye, eyelashes), I’ve finally found my pain-free, quick fix.

Product:  Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

Price: $14.95

We Think:


How to Use It: Considering I always use two different mascaras (one to lengthen, the other for volume) the two-step process for Physcians Formula’s Instant Lash Extension Kit wasn’t a big transition for me. However, for others who aren’t keen to the idea of a two-step process, don’t worry — it’s very easier.

First, I swiped Physicians Forumula lash-boosting mascara on my eyelashes.

Then, I applied the fiber extensions, which come in a separate mascara tube. The fibers are like small, flutter-y feathers and needed to be  lightly brushed my wet lashes with an applicator. The feathery formula easily stuck to each lash, instantly building a fuller look. Just make sure to gently tap the brush to get rid of excess fibers so they don’t end up on your cheeks!

Lastly, I reapplied the lash-boosting mascara to “set” the extensions and prevent flaking. If a more fuller look is desired, repeat the process. However, I found that I didn’t need to do it a second time.

Results: According to, well, everyone, eyes are the windows to our souls, so making my peepers as pretty as possible has always been a focus of my makeup routine. So after garnering a day’s worth of compliments after using this Lash Extension Kit, I was totally sold on this.

The mascara itself was extremely volumizing, so when I added the additional extension fibers, my lashes seemed to grow in front of my eyes. Different from regular lash extensions, these were brush on falsies, rather than glue or taped on, making it extremely easy to apply.

My only advice? Be careful when applying the fibers to your lashes. At first a few had sprinkled into my eyes, irritating my contacts making them feel uncomfortable. However, the fibers didn’t irritate my eyes for long, a few blinks was all it took to readjust my contacts.

Disclaimer: I received Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit as a sample. 

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