An image from i-D Magazine’s Pre-Spring 2015 Issue

The ’90s were good for a lot of things: Alanis Morissette was at the top of her game, Britney Spears was our beloved pop princess, and butterfly clips, scrunchies, frosted tips and mood rings were all the rage. Besides my love for the pop culture, I tend to think the ’90s beauty crazes were the real stunners of that decade. Not surprisingly, one ‘90s trend seems to be making a comeback (or maybe just guest appearance…?) this year: dark lip liner.Our first glimpse at this ‘90s comeback was the ombrè lip trend, making two-tone makeup slightly less daunting and a little more natural. Now, on RiRi’s cover of i-D Magazine’s Pre-Spring 2015 issue the more severe lip liner look is back. The Barbadian pop star  sported lips shaded a deep nude with a dark brown lip liner. Thickly plaited hair with hoop earrings peeked out from the tendrils for the ultimate badass vibe. Some past celeb fans of this look include Pamela Anderson, Lil’ Kim, Victoria Beckham and even old-school Gwen Stefani.Honestly, the offset lip shades look good on her…or maybe it’s just the warm feeling of nostalgia that makes me love it. Nonetheless, her ‘90s look is definitely on point: But it’s not just Rihanna keeping the trend alive. MAC recently launched their Pencilled In line: a new series of pigmented Lip Pencils and brightly hued lipsticks to shade in the darkly lined lips. Their campaign image features bright red lips encircled with a neon purple liner. For those of us not bold enough to try this mismatching trend, no worries — each MAC liner matches a lipstick for a more traditional and complementary look.