Dior released the full video featuring Rihanna as the new face of their Secret Garden series. Rih got to prowl around the grounds of Versailles clad in head-to-toe Dior and we get to watch.

Since Rihanna is the first Black face of Dior, the shoot moves past fierce to culturally significant. “It feels fantastic,” Rihanna told MTV of her casting in the campaign. “It is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color. I think, to be acknowledged by Dior is just… it means a lot as a woman to feel beautiful, and elegant, and timeless.”

Her personal stylist, Mel Ottenberg, assisted on the Steven Klein-directed shoot to bring Rih’s brand of glam to the French fashion house. Classic red lips + a sequined turtleneck dress, all set to what Vogue UK reports is a snippet from her upcoming album? Proceed.

“Rihanna’s mystery and intrigue combined with her razor sharp looks and sensibility, are the essential; perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden,”  Klein told HollywoodLife of the shoot.

Watch Rihsus in a palace, where you probably already picture her:



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