The “lumbersexual” look has exported from Brooklyn and swept the globe. As Australia’s Science Channel notes, our love for dudes with beards — a look previously seen mostly on fathers and serial killers — seems to be hardwired into us.In one experiment, test subjects looked at photos of cleanshaven men, men with heavy stubble, and men with full beards and shared which were the sexiest. (Recall: people usually get paid to participate in studies.) The sexiest facial hair look for men turns out to be heavy stubble! Hilariously, guys with full beards also  seemed to have better parenting ability. So it seems like we’re most attracted to those dudes who seem like they could be dads — possibly our dads? — but aren’t quite there yet, beardwise.Another study found that even though beards make a man seem more attractive, that same man is perceived as more aggressive. Lots of beard facts!Watch the video below for more beard details:Related Articles: He Tried It: Nic Wears Volumizing Mascara For a WeekWhat I’ve Learned About Size and Body Image by Dating a Fat Man9 Tips on How to Give the Perfect Blowjob