This time last year I was nursing a 3-month-old baby and waiting to find out if I had thyroid cancer. When I finally found out that my tumor was malignant, I faced many fears, anxieties and challenges. In an effort to keep my head up, I needed an incentive. So I promised myself I would celebrate in a big way once I made it to the one-year mark and got the “all clear,”—at least until the next big checkup much farther down the road.A trip to Morocco with my best friend was already in the works (more about that next month!). But, that wasn’t the only celebration I had in mind. Because while traveling to exotic places is very enticing, attempting to do something good for others is an even bigger incentive.

I had been complaining about the inconvenience of my long, tangly hair for weeks to one of my best friends who also happens to be my hairstylist (love you Kerrie Urban!). I really wanted a change. And I also knew how fortunate I was that I didn’t have to go through chemotherapy. Since the universe spared me some of the hardships that come along with cancer, I decided to show gratitude by cutting my hair and donating my ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I love the program because A) it creates and provides free real hair wigs for women with cancer and B) because you only have to donate an 8-inch long ponytail as opposed to the usual 10-inch minimum for other donation programs.So I took the plunge! Ten inches later (because what’s another 2 inches anyway??), and voila! I had a fun, edgy bob—with bangs!And now for the makeup makeover. When you make a drastic change with your hair it alters they way you view your makeup routine as far as what you want to highlight, and what colors you’re willing to try.

Complexion: I’ve always been lazy with foundations, bases and primers, but shorter hair puts your skin into the spotlight. In one easy step I can perfect my skin with my ultimate favorite correcting tinted primer: Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF 30 with illuminating minerals that make your skin glow.

Lips: I’ve always been a fan of bright lip colors, and with bangs, it’s a nice balance of weight so the whole look isn’t too top heavy. So my new daily look is a hot red lip stain. I love Tarte LipSurgance Matte Lip Tint in Fiery.

Eyes: To help my eyes play peekaboo from behind their new fringe curtain, I’ve been rimming my water lines with a rich black liner (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Jet is the blackest of black), making sure to push in between my lash roots. Then I squish my eyes tight to give the line a little blur. And finally I curl and coat my lashes with black mascara.If you are thinking of making a major hair makeover, I hope you’ll consider ponying up for PBL…your hair donation is a true gift of beauty to a woman struggling with cancer! Learn how to do it here.