1. When you find yourself always wearing your hair pulled up into a ponytail or bun instead of leaving it down, stylist Mia Santiago from Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger Salon says it’s time for a cut.

2. Take a long, hard look at your ends. If they at all resemble straw, you’re likely fried from over processing (think color or chemical straightening). Book an appointment.

3. Also, if your ends are straggly, stringy or split, Max Gierl, senior stylist at Mizu Hair Salon New York suggests getting them chopped off. Split end-sealing products are only a temporary fix, and trimming frayed strands is the only way to assure they don’t get worse.

4. When you have trouble getting the volume you want and your style always falls flat, it’s time to get refreshed.

Our Editor-in-Chief Laura Kenney with her 1998 triangle hair
Laura Kenney's triangle hair

5. When your curly hair starts to form into a triangular shape, Santiago says that means it’s too heavy and you need a trim.

6. Damaged hair strands tend to stick to each other like Velcro, wheras healthy, smooth hair slides off itself with ease. So, if you have very fine strands, getting super-tangled more easily is a sign that it’s time for a cut.

7. When your usual product application system isn’t doing its job, or you need to use more than usual to keep up your style, it’s due to the fact that you need a cut.

Young Jose Canseco was the king of the mini mullet.
Jose Canseco

8. Dudes, you’re not immune to hair mistakes: Gierl suggests you book an appointment when your style stops looking clean; bushiness around the ears and neckline isn’t cute.

80s SJP was large and in charge.
Sarah Jessica Parker's 80's hair

9. If anyone can make a “the (decade in the past) called and it wants its hair back” joke at your expense, Santiago says to get thee to a stylist ASAP.

10. And finally, plain old boredom can be a sign you’re due for a cut. Add some layers, chop it short; simply making a change can have a huge effect on the relationship between you and your hair.