Can we just take a break from gloomy winter and look ahead to balmy days at the beach and lake? Get a head start on your sun-kissed day dreams with the new convincing self-tanners. These five will give you a glow without exposure to harmful UV rays. None will leave you looking life an unpeeled tangerine.
Kardashian Sun Kissed Instant Sunless Mousse, $19.99,
This may be the best self-tanning mousse you can find. You’ll see a noticeable medium bronze in only one hour after apply this foamy, streak-free mousse. Leave on two hours for darker color and three hours for the deepest tan. The formula includes a combination of DHA and natural ketose (sugar) that is highly effective in prolonging color. Tell the truth. You’d rush to try this if the brand name were not Kardashian, right? Leave your preconceptions behind and grab this one.
Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, $8.69,
This cult favorite gradually gives you a glow if you keep applying every day after showering. Lather on while your skin is still wet to enjoy maximum hydration. This self-tanner glides on effortlessly and builds natural-looking color. Streak-free color stays on you, not on your towel.
Tarte Brazilliance PLUS + self-tanner, $39,
This new version of the original Brazilliance is infused with skincare ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, squalane, and citric acid that visibly improves your skin’s moisture. You’ll see skin that is bronzer and smoother. What you won’t notice is any trace of stinky give-away smell.

Bareminerals Faux Tan Body Sunless Tanner, $26,
This cult favorite instantly delivers an all-over bronze glow that develops into a golden, natural-looking tan that never looks orange and lasts up to a week. Slather on a second layer if your goal is a seriously rich color. The formula’s mineral copper complex prolongs your tan. Hydration leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Almay Healthy Glow Makeup + Gradual Self Tan, $14.99,
Here’s a real innovation. This foundation gives you not only coverage but also incorporates a self-tanner in its formula. After three consecutive days using this hydrating creamy formula, you’ll start to see a natural, healthy glow that lasts even after you remove the makeup. The look of your bare skin is improved. The bonus: you get medium coverage that leaves you skin looking flawless and luminous.
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