Photos: Jane Houle
 Sleek Rope Bun Tutorial
  1. Start with dry hair. Blow it out to make it as straight as possible. Use a tail comb to create a deep side part. A good way to determine where to begin the part is to start the parting right above the middle of the eyebrow. It will take several attempts to create a straight part but put in the effort as it makes all the difference. 
  2. Using a bungee or elastic band, gather the hair into a tight low ponytail. Divide the length of the ponytail in two. Twist each section into a very tight cylinder. Then entwine the two sections repeatedly making sure to keep the section tightly twisted throughout the motion.
  3. Take the finished twist and create a circular shape at the nape of the neck and secure with hairpins or bobby bins. Secure the style with a finishing spray and a shine spray. Hairstylist Travis Speck loves L’Oréal Paris Elnett hairspray and Sally Hershberger Salon Smooth Fix shine spray.

Thank you Travis Speck of the Sally Hershberger Salon for helping us create this sleek bun! Be sure to check out our chic, airy cotton candy bun tutorial.