As the weather cools down, your skin tends to become drier—everything from your hands to your feet, and unfortunately, your face too. Slathering on a thicker night cream, turning down the shower temp, and drinking your daily dose of H2O is essential, but what else can you do to combat angry and irritated skin?

Soothing the skin with luxurious face masks, oils, and moisturizers is not just beneficial for your parched skin, but it is also a pampering dream. And lucky for you, some of your favorite beauty brands have launched some soothing skincare to balance your skin and keep it looking supple all season long.

Fourth Ray Beauty Oils (Shop here)

If you aren’t familiar with Fourth Ray Beauty, it is the skincare sister brand to Colourpop. It sells affordable skincare that is both vegan and cruelty-free. One of its best launches to date are oils for $12 each. There is the Rosehip Oil to promote a healthier complexion. Fourth Ray also created mixed oils to offer multiple benefits like Skin Hero Face Oil to replenish and protect the skin and the Glow Up Face Oil that adds a radiance to the skin with a selection of vitamins. You can mix and match or stick with the one that speaks to you. These babies are ideal no matter what your skincare blunder is. They absorb easily but still feel rich and luxurious to apply.

Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask (Shop here)

This brand has gone viral for its turmeric face mask. It offers everything from calming to glow and even clarity. With the cooler air and holiday treats wreaking havoc on your skin, this mask is a must-have. This is a gorgeous yellow color, smells decadent, and refreshes the skin. This mask is ideal whether you are irritated with dryness, redness, or just need treatment for acne or scarring.

Kiehl’s Love Oil for Lips (Shop here)

Sometimes a lip balm just does not cut it. Dryness, cracks, and especially the pain that comes with chapped lips are brutal. So Kiehl’s released lip oils to drench the lips with supple moisture. And being an oil, the texture absorbs into the lips even better than a balm to make an impact. And not only are these oils hydrating, but they leave your lips looking pouty and soft. With five shades, including a clear, you can get a touch of tint as well as treatment for only $19. They offer the shine of a gloss with the softness of a balm. What’s not to love?

Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum (Shop here)

With a light green color that looks decadent enough to eat, this serum moisturizes your dry and dehydrated skin and even calms redness. And with long-term use, it even aids in firmness and elasticity. But do not just rub avocado all over your face. This serum’s mixture of skin-loving ingredients is what makes it so effective. Allantoin and avocado soothe and calm the skin while ceramides reduce redness and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Maelove The Glow Maker (Shop here)

This one sells out regularly, so you know it is good. This is the serum of all serums. Scientists developed it to knock all others out of the water. The Glow Maker may seem like your average serum at first glance, but the results prove this is more than your average face stuff. This serum features ingredients like vitamin c, vitamin e, and glow-inducing hyaluronic acid that boosts your skin’s appearance all day long. And this is ideal for applying beneath makeup in the AM. Not only will it help boost your skin’s natural glow, but it helps makeup apply so smoothly and keeps it from looking dry or cake. Still not sold? The customer reviews average a 4.5-star rating from nearly 11,000 users. If that’s not proof, what is?