That rumor you heard about storing cosmetics in the fridge to make them last longer just may be true.  Here’s why and how to store your beauty products in cool places.Low-Temp BeautyWhen it comes to making cosmetics last longer, lower temperatures are generally better. That’s because chemical reactions occur faster at higher temperatures. Makeup and moisturizers in particular are prone to oxidation reactions since they contain oils that can turn rancid (ew!). Keeping them in the fridge can slow down that process. Perfumes also last longer when stored at cool temps. Fragrances contain hundreds of ingredients, and some of those ingredients can go bad over time. Storing them in the fridge can slow down chemical reactions and keep the perfume perky.MORE FROM SELF: Healthy Beauty Awards: Best Body LotionsAny downsides?There can be a few potential problems with storing beauty products in the fridge. For example, you may see beads of “sweat” on your lipstick. These are drops of oil coming out of the wax and rising to the surface of the stick (it’s a phenomena called “syneresis”). If too much of this sweating occurs, the lipstick won’t spread properly on your lips. Also, you can’t let your products freeze. If products like moisturizers become frozen they literally fall apart (water and oil separates) and then the product is ruined.MORE FROM SELF: Flat Abs in 5 MinutesWhat’s the best way to store products?If you do choose to refrigerate your beauty products, be sure to store them in closed containers. You don’t want to contaminate your food with your makeup, you don’t want your products to absorb fridge odors, and if anything spills (like perfume!) you want to make sure it’s contained.If refrigeration is not your thing, still store products in a cool, dry and dark place. Light (both natural and artificial) can shorten their lifespan.Bottom LineRefrigeration is a great way to extend the life of your beauty products (and ultimately your dollar!). Just be sure to store them properly so no food contamination or spillage occurs.MORE FROM SELF: Lose 2 Pounds Before Summer!