Have you heard of the new wave called #nailfies? Instead of focusing on your face in a shot, you focus on your nails. That means you have to have a beautiful, manicured look for a flawless picture. But, with issues like breakage, chips and peels, your pictures may end up ragged, instead of flawless.

PopSugar reached out to celebrity manicurists to gather expert info on how to get nails strong and keep them strong.  Use these tips and start proudly sending your own #nailfies.

Myrrh Nail Oil
One of the first recommendations is myrrh nail oil. This comes from celebrity manicurist, Gina Edwards for KISS products who says it’s perfect for strengthening and promoting nail growth.

Glass Nail File
A glass nail file is another recommendation suggested by Elle Gerstein, who worked with the Victoria’s Secret Angels via Red Carpet Manicure. This file is better than the cardboard paper file or sponge buffer because it files your nail in “one direction without filing on top of the nail plate”.

Omega 3 and Biotin Supplements
Your diet has a lot to do with how strong or weak your nails are. The more foods and supplements you consume that are high in biotin and omega 3, the better.

The Gelatin Trick
Celeb manicurist, Choi says that there is a hand model who swears by Jell-O for firming up soft nails. Just prepare a batch of gelatin for a nail soak, allow your nails to soak for a minute and let them harden before rinsing.

Use Press On Nails
From time to time, give your nails a break with press on nails. If you wear acrylics a lot, this is actually recommended because your nails will need protecting until they are strong enough to wear on their own again.

You should also keep your hands moisturized because if your hands are dry, your nails are likely to be dry too.

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