Move over spring! It’s time for hot weather, cute clothes, and tons of beach days. For curlies, it also means altering our hair care routines yet again (it’s practically a seasonal thing girls). Keep reading for great summer hair car tips for the dog days ahead.MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: Best Sunscreen Products for Skin and HairTips for Each Type1.     Type 2: Wavies usually need to cleanse their hair regularly to keep it from becoming excessively oily. Co-washing often leaves wavies with oily, limp hair after just one day. The heat from the summer weather dries hair out, especially if you’re spending a lot of time at the beach or in pools. Just as the heat from hot water opens the hair cuticle, the heat from the sun does the same. Therefore, you’ll want to keep it moistened with something light that won’t weigh your hair down. For instance, Jessicurl’s Hair Cleansing Cream is cleansing and lightweight, yet it won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture. If you’re dealing with limp hair and need something to give your waves a boost, try AG Hair Cosmetics’ Foam Weightless Volumizer. Our wavies love it, and it has ingredients to protect your hair against frizz during summer, which is especially helpful if you live in a very humid area.MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: Make Argan Oil Your Best Friend This Summer!2.     Type 3: Curlies need products that help define their curls without adding “crunch” or weight to their hair. In the drier weather, this means using moisture-enhancing products and leave-ins that are lightweight. However, if you’re using both types of products, you may actually be able to do without one during the summer without causing dry hair.  If you’re looking for something to hold your curls in place, especially when humidity is working against you, try using Curlisto’s Control II Gel. It’s practically weightless, yet it holds onto each strand of hair to give your curls definition. Curly Hair Solutions’ Curl Keeper is becoming one of our curlies’ staple products. Since it’s water-based, it’s safe enough for everyday use and still good for preventing the frizzies.MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: No-Frizz Tips for Sumptuous Summer Curls3.     Type 4: Coilies naturally have very-dry hair. Add some scorching heat and humidity, and you have a recipe for breakage. For good, coily summer hair care, deep condition and use products that add moisture to your curls. With the heat allowing more product build-up to set in, coilies may also need to cleanse more than they have been in the winter. Many coilies absolutely love As I Am’s Cleansing Pudding. It’s thick and moisturizing, even without sulfates and other fillers. It leaves thick, coily hair feeling fresh and clean while also encouraging hair growth and cleaning the scalp. If you don’t do shampoos, try using their Coconut Cowashing Cleansing Cream instead, or alternate use with the Cleansing Pudding. Jessicurl’s Deep Conditioning Treatment provides another way to get good moisture for your coils. With shea butter and cocoa butter as its main ingredients, it’s little wonder this product gets rave reviews for providing rigorous moisture!MORE FROM NATURALLY CURLY: Must-Have Curly Hair Products For Your Beach Bag