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The cooler temperatures are upon us and fall is now official.  Although we may see a few weeks of unique weather patterns as autumn settles in, our skin, bodies and hair will see some changes too.


The effects of cooler weather and less humidity are usually welcomed by curls, but they too may take some time to transition into a new pattern. In this case, it’s best to keep some products from your summer routine in your closet while introducing some new fall hair products for the changes coming about.

Try these tips for transitioning your products into fall and see how they work on your hair as the season progresses, then change into a new “normal” routine once you see your hair adapting to the changes.


  1. Clean your hair up with a good cut or trim. Ask your stylist for suggestions if you need help with color or a style for the fall.
  2. Use a deep conditioner treatment once a week or twice for thicker curls (3b/c and 4 types). Use as directed. You can also do an olive oil mask by simply leaving warmed olive oil in your hair for 40 mins with a shower cap or plastic baggy on then thoroughly washing it out.
  3. Leave some leave in conditioner on your ends when you’re out of the shower or add a leave in to all of your hair and concentrate a little more on the ends. Some good leave ins for the fall can be found in sprays, as you may want to stop using heavier/creamier leave ins from your summer routine. Curlier and more coily textures may want to do the opposite and use a little heavier leave in to retain moisture.
  4. Add your favorite gel or styling product in moderation. Try a little less than you would normally use since there may be less humidity in the air and less need for using heavier products or more products.
  5. Experiment with new products for the fall or something you used last fall, to see that it still works on your curls. Yes, there are times when “it used to” work and a year later, it may not.

Have patience. Transitions are a period where patience is well tested. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Some of the transition can be a period of trial and error, but within just a few short weeks you’ll have a routine that works for you and your curls!

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