Hollywood hair stylists are going straight to the point. Blunt is the cut of the moment, and the trend that’s sweeping La La Land. The newest look is partly inspired by the ‘70s influence on fashion. Celebrity stylists also say clients have tired of last year’s ultra-layered, shag-inspired cuts. When you’re ready to a look that’s fresher than yesterday’s carefully nuanced layers, ask your stylist a for a cut that’s the same length all around.

The blunt cut’s precision is the exact opposite of tousled, beachy waves. It’s an instantaneous update and (intended pun) oh-so-cutting edge. No matter if your tresses are stick straight, wavy or curly. There’s a single-length trim that can give you a slick, sleek, ultra-chic ‘do.

A blunt cut works particularly well as a refresher for ends that have been cut into or overly layered. Did your last cut unhappily surprise you with layers that were way too drastic? No matter what you’ve got to work with—color that’s growing out or summer’s shag—a blunt cut will give you a clean start on Fall. Go blunt, and you get a new beginning.

Styling a blunt cut is super easy for women who have fine hair that’s straight or slightly wavy. The cut’s balanced ends add the illusion of volume to fine strands. Hair gets a lift and instantly looks thicker and more luscious.

Curlier hair is naturally bulky and thicker, and a blunt cut can be a little tricky. The resulting triangular and expanded shape will be a true statement style. Your stylist can remove bulk without losing the effect by cutting layers internally. The top layer should still look long and blunt on top. If your hair is textured, you may prefer a layered cut that helps hair fall in an interlocking way and controls your natural volume.

Look for hair products that keep your curls hydrated. The extra volume of a blunt cut can draw attention to hair that’s lackluster, and curlier hair tends toward dryness.

Clean, sharp ends add shine to all types of hair. That’s another reason we’re seeing the blunt cut everywhere. The change of seasons brings shedding hair for a lot of women. Those with fine hair don’t have to worry about thinning out their locks with layers if they go blunt. The style gives everyone a look that’s thicker and fuller.

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