For a shining example of a long heart-shaped face, just take a look at Celine Dion.

You’ll see that the songstress has a wide forehead and high cheekbones that form the shape of a heart, that comes to a lengthy point at her chin.

QUIZ: What’s Your Face Shape?

The best sunglasses will broaden the jawline, minimize the width of the forehead, and balance out the length of the face. It sounds like a long to-do list, but the shape you want to go for is actually very classic, says Kristie Whitford, spokesperson for the Vision Council, an organization of manufacturers and suppliers in the optical industry.

Look for shades that are wider at the bottom, like in the style of aviators, or which are oversized all around, à la Jackie O. Rimless shades are another way to draw attention away from a wide forehead and focus instead on cheekbones, though be sure to stay away from small frames that will only end up exaggerating the width of the face.

Here are the best frames for long heart-shaped faces:

* Oversized frames, such as Tory Burch oversized square sunglasses (pictured above), $149.

* Aviators, such as Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, $150.

-Rimless glasses, such as Bvlgari rimless shield sunglasses, $540, with chain detail.


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