Round faces—think Michelle Williams and Queen Latifah—are full all around and have little to no angles to them, lending a sweet, cherub-like quality to the face.

“The width and length of the face tend to be similar,” says Kristie Whitford, spokesperson for the Vision Council, an organization that represents manufacturers and suppliers in the optical industry.Selecting frames that are the opposite of your face shape adds definition.

“You want to counteract the fullness of the face,” says Whitford. Rectangle- and square-shaped sunglasses add angles to a round face, while wide frames help balance fullness.According to Sam Saboura, celebrity stylist and YouBeauty Style Expert, you can also try frames with contrasting colors or ones with a cat-eye shape to add a visual lift to your round face.

Stay away from frames that are curvy or round, which will add too much curve to a full face.

Here are the best frames for round-shaped faces:

* Rectangular sunglasses, like Oliver Peoples’ sunglasses (pictured above), available at Barneys, $335.
* Square-shaped sunglasses, such as Gucci’s oversized square sunglasses
* Rectangle-shaped sunglasses, such as Tory Burch polarized oversized square sunglasses
* Retro style sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban’s rubberized youngster wayfarer sunglasses