“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice was notably Not Freaking Out in the lead-up to her 15-month sentence in federal prison. But what will happen when she settles in to Danbury, Connecticut’s Federal Correctional Institution and learns the $200 in her commissary account can only buy her one (1) beauty product? Giudice pleaded guilty to counts of bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. If there’s one thing we know about her, it’s that she does not like to choose.The prison shopping list teases with a bevy of makeup options that would appeal to anyone who prefers to look camera-ready. Is Tre more a liquid eyeliner gal or can she not last a day without foundation? Or would she prefer to live out her sentence makeup-free? (We hear it’s empowering.)Some commissary options below, and here’s the PDF with the tantalizingly full list.Makeup (Limit 1 each)

  • Powder Foundation – Tan ($4.00)
  • Powder Foundation – Dark ($4.00)
  • Powder Foundation – Medium Dark ($4.00)
  • Wet & Wild Face – Natural ($3.45)
  • Wet & Wild Face – Sun Kiss ($3.45)
  • Mini Black Eyeliner Pencil ($1.70)
  • Mini Brown Eyeliner Pencil ($1.00)
  • Liquid Eyeliner ($3.00)
  • Black Lash Mascara ($6.00)
  • Gold Coral Lip Gloss ($0.70)
  • Rustic Lip Gloss ($3.00)
  • Pink Affair Lip Gloss ($3.00)
  • Mauvey Lip Gloss ($3.00)

Necessaries [:(]

  • Charmin toilet paper ($4.20/four-pack)
  • Toothbrush ($0.95)

So Many Lotions

  • Tone Coco Butter ($2.90)
  • Jergens Lotion ($4.55)
  • Nivea ($7.35)
  • Palmers Coco Butter ($5.15)
  • Healing Garden Lotion ($4.00)
  • St. Ives Shea Butter ($7.10)
  • St. Ives Collagen Lotion ($7.10)
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