Summer is lovely and warm. You get to relax at the beach, wear shorts, and forego the extra layers of scarves and coats. But, with that, the humidity of summer can ruin your luscious locks.

Instead of hot girl summer, it is frizzy hair summer. The hair you were hoping would grab onto some natural highlights now has to be pulled up into a bun because the frizz is too much to handle.

Whether your hair is straight, curly, kinky, or wavy, the summer humidity will take shiny and soft hair and turn it into an Einstein cosplay really quick.

So, how do you fight frizz in these humid months?

Well, dryness causes frizzy hair. You think humidity in the air would reduce that, but your hair follicles are reaching out for the moisture in the air, and that’s why they frizz out.

Dry hair craves moisture, so one of the best ways to reduce frizz is to use moisturizing products.

You’ll want to start with shampoo and conditioner. Reach for something sulfate-free that uses words like moisture, hydrate, or smoothing. MONDAY Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (Shop here) are perfect for dull and frizzy hair. Products like these will help your hair calm down from the start of your routine.

For days when your hair is feeling extra dry and really needs some love, you’ll want a real treatment like the Olaplex Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask (Shop here). This intensive mask will help your hair look and feel visibly healthier in one use without weighing down your roots.

But, the products don’t end with the shower. You’ll want to use a leave-in conditioner that helps your hair dry while maintaining all that moisture you just put into it. The Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme is ideal for this as it offers weightless shine, smoothing, softening, and helps reduce frizz (Shop here). Just a bit of this cream, and your hair will dry faster and smoother than it ever has without a blow dryer. Plus, reducing your use of heat will keep your hair healthier as well.

If you have thicker, drier, or extra curly hair, you’ll want to take your after-shower hair care a step further with an oil. This is like a finishing touch to really calm down frizz and stubborn flyaways. The TWIST Curl Reign Multi-use Miracle Oil is the perfect product for this because it protects and hydrates while defining curls (Shop here).

Finally, depending on your preference, you’ll want a hairspray to lock in that moisture and style you just took so much time to achieve. Hairspray is essential for maintaining your look when sitting out in the heat and humidity. But, most hairsprays have drying ingredients like alcohols that only further dry out the hair.

You’ll want something alcohol-free to keep your hair frizz-free without drying it out. The Pantene Pro-V Level 2 Ultra-Lightweight Airspray Hairspray is great for a smooth finish and lightweight feel (Shop here). This will help if you want something touchable and soft. But, if you plan to be in the humidity all day or are going to an event, you’ll want something with a stronger hold. The BIOLAGE Styling Freeze Fix Hair Spray is more intense and perfect for curls (Shop here). It has a stronghold that will last all day, even against the worst humidity, but won’t feel stiff or sticky.