Doing your nails can make you feel more confident and put together. Besides, it’s just enjoyable. Here is what we can expect this year if you’re trying to figure out what to request at your next salon visit.

Colorful French

French always looks elegant. It makes your nails look healthy and radiant. This year, French tips come with a twist, and it’s a colorful one. The French tip can be any color you choose! This style excellently combines the elegance of the French manicure and bold colors.

Tonal Ombre

This style is focused on using the different shades in the same color family to color your nails. This way, each one of your nails gets a slightly different color, while everything still looks well put together and thought out. This is something you can easily achieve at home while still looking stylish and on-trend.

Blue Is Going To Be Big

Classic Blue is this year’s chosen color. It will be everywhere, including the nails. Shades of blue can be a great contrast to your outfit and make your nails stand out.


Nail polishes with pearlescent finishes will make it back in style this year. They are very subtle and will make you look elegant. But besides these, pearl stick-ons are getting back in style as well.


Metallic nail polish provides shine while still delivering a good color payoff. They will continue to dominate the nail trends, so you can have fun and play with metallic colors on your nails. They can also be used as the tip for the French manicure.

Gradient Nails

Gradients have been trendy in Korea for some time. This trend will be huge this year. A gradient look will make your nails look sweet and soft.

Double French

As we already said, the French manicure is making a comeback, and it has never been as fun as it will be this year. You can spice up your nails by adding two stripes on your tips.


Crystals can make any nail polish pop when added on top. They will make your nail look sparkle and look glamorous.