We all heard about The Lion King revival coming this summer. If you haven’t seen the promo video yet, watch it right now because it’s totally worth it. The new version gives us the 2019 impact of the classic Disney film, so bring extra tissues to the movie theatre because we’re going to have to relive Mufasa’s death all over again. It’s between that scene and Titanic in terms of the biggest tear-jerker in cinematic history.

So, it’s not far-fetched that we’re going to see a bunch of Lion King inspired merch this summer. Hottest on our list? Some beautiful eyeshadow palette hues!

The man behind the new release with Luminess Cosmetics? Beyoncé’s master makeup artist Sir John, who was brought on by Disney to create the 8-piece collection.

While on safari in South Africa, he got inspired by the region’s rich, warm pigments that permeates everything from the soil, to the sunsets, to the animals around! The biggest takeaway for Sir John? “The most important thing in creating this line was that it translates to every complexion. Women are looking at me to create a line that everyone can bring home. So, this can work with a lighter skin tone like Nicole Kidman to darker skin tones like Lupita Nyong’o.”

The limited-edition palette and other pieces of this collection are in stores June 15th, right in time for the movie premiere on July 19th.