Under-eye patches are a different tier of beauty. At first, in your beauty journey, you likely regarded under-eye patches as for older people whose main skincare concern was anti-aging. Soon enough, you’ll find those very under-eye patches you once scoffed looking much more enticing as you progress towards long-term concerns in your skincare journey. If you’re like me, you’ll recognize the value of these little strips of magic due to allergies that puff your eyes and make you commit the unforgivable skincare sin of eye-rubbing. You might also have a genetic predisposition towards under-eye bags that make you want to wrestle with biology with skincare science on your side. All of these reasons plus pure curiosity are acceptable for investigating under-eye patches.

Let’s break down the mystery before we breakdown the methods. Under-eye masks or patches are basically like your standard sheet mask, but specifically designed for the under-eye area. These mini-sheet masks are laden with active ingredients that are meant to hydrate and brighten your under-eye area, helping to combat fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and a sunken-in appearance. Whether they work or not, all depends on the formula and quality of the product being used. We’ve gathered the three best under-eye patches to get you started on your under-eye care journey.

Estée Lauder Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask
If you’re looking for an under-eye mask that will deliver results, this product is sure to please. Caffeine and coffee extract work together to minimize dark circles by shrinking blood vessels.

100 Percent Pure Bright Eyes
The under-eye area is delicate, so it’s essential to use a high-quality product. This formula is so safe you could eat it — paraben-free, all organic, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. It uses Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and Aloe Vera to help reduce puffiness and dehydration by improving your under-eye area, which lacks the oil-production capabilities the rest of your face has, to up its moisturizing game.

Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask
These under-eye masks are supercharged with retinol to deliver direct hydration that will help leave your eyes looking more refreshed and lessening the appearance of dark circles, dehydration, and fine lines. If you’re concerned with upping your anti-aging skincare regiment, these under-eye patches are the gold standard.