There are endless skincare products out there. Makeup remover, face wash, serums, toners, moisturizers… the list goes on. Not to mention, buying all these skincare products really racks up the bill. And when you’re spending that much money on skincare products, you definitely don’t want any of it to go to waste.

It’s easy to overdo it on products because you think the more, the merrier, but in reality, a little bit goes a long way. So before you quickly go through the entire paycheck you spent on new skincare, this is how much of each product you should be using:

The general rule with face wash is to use a nickel-sized amount, which should be enough to cover the entire surface of your face. Leave the cleanser on for 2-5 minutes and then gently wash it off.

Since exfoliants can be irritating to the skin if not used correctly, you don’t need a lot. A dime or a nickel-sized amount goes a long way.

After you wash your face, you apply a toner. To apply the right amount of toner, do 5-6 drops on a cotton swab and make sure it is fully saturated.

Serums can get EXPENSIVE, so you definitely want to make sure you’re not using too much. They typically spread easily, so all you really need is a pea-sized amount to apply an even layer to your face.

I’m definitely guilty of overdoing it with moisturizers, but you don’t need that much in reality! Moisturizers spread well, so a nickel to quarter-sized amount will suffice.

Acne treatment
I don’t know about you, but I always apply a ton of acne treatment, thinking it will “do a better job” that way. Definitely not true. Simply apply a pea-sized amount to the infected area. Using too much is pointless and wasteful.

Just in case you needed a reminder, you should be applying sunscreen every day, rain or shine! For just your face, a nickel-sized amount is acceptable.

Masks are another product I tend to go overboard with for no reason. Masks can be costly, so there’s no point in wasting it! A dime to quarter-sized amount is plenty.