If you have short lashes, all you want is that long lash look. Having short lashes means they won’t hold a curl as well and aren’t as visible. Even the best mascara can feel like not quite enough.

You may have tried every mascara at the drugstore and Sephora, but they just aren’t giving you the length you want. Well, there are some things you can do that will improve the look of your lashes. Whether that is makeup or not, these methods can help you grow your lashes or, at the very least, temporarily improve the look of them.

Waterline Liner
Waterline liner was super popular in the 2000s, but this isn’t what we’re talking about now. To enhance the thickness of your lashes, you want to apply eyeliner to the upper waterline. This won’t make the eyes appear smaller like it did back in the day, but it will open the eyes and offer an appearance of depth. Taking a black or even dark brown liner to the up waterline underneath the lashes and it will make your lashes look naturally thicker and fuller. Lining above the lashes can pull away from the natural appearance.

Gentle Cleansing
Many people scrub at their eyes to remove mascara or eyeliner or even get rid of morning eye gunk, but that can be detrimental to your lashes. Being aggressive near your eye area doesn’t just cause wrinkles, but it pulls out your lashes, only thinning them out even more. Being gentle when removing makeup is key to allowing your lashes to grow. They are already so thin and delicate that even the smallest intensity of rubbing or tugging can pull them out.

Castor Oil
Castor oil hydrates the lashes and the lash line. It is affordable and easy to access. Using a q-tip or clean mascara wand to gently apply the oil before going to bed nightly conditions the lashes from the root. This will give you a more luxurious lash look. It will also enhance growth and strength. Your lashes will be less brittle and be less likely to break or shed. Doing this for about 6 weeks should show results.

Fiber Mascara
Most mascaras are simply black goo that coats the lashes. This will make them darker, but only a fiber mascara will offer lengthening and thickening. Fibers grab onto your existing lashes and extend them out. They add to what you have and give a more fluttery and defined look. These mascaras also come in tubing formats that lengthen each individual lash to provide you with a false lash effect. Just be sure that when removing these mascaras, instead of rubbing, you apply a gentle makeup remover with a cotton pad and hold it there and slowly pull away to detach the fibers or tubes without damaging your lashes.

Lash Extensions
If you just can’t take the everyday mascara applications and want to live a low maintenance life while having long and voluminous lashes, you may want to invest in lash extensions. These are done by a professional at a salon and look shockingly realistic. You can wake up every day without any effort and love how your lashes look.

A lash expert will attach fake lashes to your natural ones to thicken, lengthen, and darken them. This can take hours, and the glue used can cause allergic reactions, so it is important to take all the necessary precautions. You will also want to buy disposable lash combs so you can shape and maneuver the fake lashes properly after sleeping. You’ll also want to avoid using any oils near the eyes because they can break down the glue.

It is also essential to know that lash extensions can pull out your natural lashes. When they thin, your natural lashes will likely appear brittle and shorter, so this is something you may have to do continually to achieve the same effect.